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Pick your ultimate mousepad

  1. Large
    A default go to for most of our colleagues and friends. The ideal size to ensure that your keyboard and mouse sits comfortably on.
    75 CM by 30 CM Get 1 for RM38
  2. Larger
    Sometimes you need more, this mouse pad is extended by an additional 5 cm to ensure your your over sized keyboard or mouse still has maximize space to roam freely.
    80 CM by 30 CM Get 1 for RM41
  3. Largest
    Some people would rather their whole table be padded. This is by far our largest product that allows you to pad most of your battle station. Suitable for multi stations, this allows you you peripherals to sit on a world of their own.
    90 CM by 40 CM Get 1 for RM75
We do not skim on quality
We believe in quality assurance to ensure all the products satisfy our quality requirements. We work very closely with our partners on even the smallest issues such as rubber odors or loose stitchings.
Control and speed

With our sticthced locked edges, have the comfor of maximum mouse estate without having to worry to go off the edges. The optimum gripping from the mouse pad gives you the best gaming experience at ease.


You will only need one mouse pad. With our premium graded mouse pads, you will be able to wash your mouse in case you get any stains or dirt on it.
Smooth surface

High dpi gaming enabled. These mouse pads are enabled to give you full are gliding for you to hit those head shots or ramgpages. The smooth and padded surface will also give you the comfort you need.
Natural rubber

High quality natutral rubber without the odor. We realized how many of our customers hate the smell of rubber but love the dexterity and durability of it. We solved that by treating each and every of our mouse pad to remove unwanted residue and smells.

How to buy ? No hassle, no frills

  1. Step 1
    Drop us a WhatsApp or text at +6012 693 1213. All you need is to tell us which sizes fit your requirements and where do we send it to.
  2. Step 2
    Follow the message instructions, after the proof of receipt we will book the order in and its done!
  3. Step 3
    Wait for your product to arrive at your place, we work very hard to ensure that it reaches you in 1 working day though there is a small chance it may vary.
We ship for free anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia. If you are elsewhere, kindly let us know and we will get the cheapest shipping for you.
Unhappy with our product? You have 30 days to return the product as is and we will get you your money back ;)​


As a bunch of serious gamers, we always found it too expensive to purchase high quality gaming equipment and peripherals. The company started through a group of people where we built our products based on suggestions and requests throughout the gaming ommunity.

Here at Get A Mouse Pad, we strive to deliver no bull*shit products with over the head branding and exaggerated designs. We offer simple and high quality mouse pads whether you are a serious gamer or a desk worker that appreciates quality for reasonable prices.


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